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    The Perrigo Lake property consists of 3,370 Ha and is located in the McNaughton Township in the Red Lake Mining Division, Ontario. The property is adjacent to GT1's Allison lithium property where numerous LCT pegmatites have been identified. The property lies entirely within the 10 km wide “Goldilocks Zone”, the premium exploration area for LCT pegmatite formation assuming the Allison Lake Batholith is the source granite.

    The property is road accessible and has no historical exploration.

    LCT Vectors

    Key Exploration vectors for lithium-cesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites: 

    • Proximal to major litho-structural geological boundary
    • Mafic metavolcanic and/or metasedimetary host rocks
    • Within 10 km of large (+10 km2 ), fertile, peraluminous granite
    • Fractionation outward from granitic core
    • Rare earth element indicators, tantalum, certain gemstones, etc.


    The Allison Lake Batholith is described as “the largest, fertile peraluminous granite mass in northwestern Ontario”, and the western margin of the batholith demonstrates clear evidence of fractionation from east to west.