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    Project Overview

    The Surge Property located in the Patricia Mining District, Ontario, Canada approximately 150 kms east of Red Lake, Ontario. The property is in the Superior Province of the Canadian Shield, along the 450 km, E-W trending Sydney Lake – Lake St. Joseph fault, separating dominantly intrusive rocks and greenstones of the North Caribou superterrane to the north from the metasedimentary rocks of the English River terrane to the south.

    Allison Lake Batholith – Regional Geology

    The Surge property is located 12 kms east of the Root Lake pegmatite group which includes the McCombe lithium deposit, (historic mineral resource of 2.3 million tons @ 1.3% Li20 as per Mulligan R., Geological Survey of Canada, 1965).

    Surge Project – Root Bay District, Ontario

    The Root Lake pegmatite group lies within the Pakwash – Lake St. Joseph rare element pegmatite trend, a  20 kilometer wide, +100 km long trend containing multiple peraluminous (Al-rich) granitic intrusions, rare earth pegmatites and lithium bearing pegmatites, including the Allison Lake batholith, a large, tadpole shaped, peraluminous granitic intrusive described by the Ontario Geological Survey (“OGS”) in OFR 6099 (2003) as “the largest known fertile peraluminous granite mass in northwestern Ontario”. The southeast trending tail of the Allison Lake batholith trends into the PLSJ and a series of peraluminous granitic intrusions, including the one dominating the center of the Surge claims, outcrop along this E-W trend.